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Website Planning


Like any other activity in business, websites require sufficient planning especially because of clients who are the main target audience. Planning for a website can easily be mistaken with a technical process but it is rather simple to execute. Essentially, everyone who can imagine of running a website has the capability of planning for it. The success of a website is critically inclined to the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning process which will be discussed here below.


To plan a journey, one has to be clear with its destination. As such, identifying the objective being pursued using the website becomes the very first step. To completely define the objective, the target audience need to be in the mind of the planner to ensure that the objective is achieved ambient to the customer. Everything about the website should be about the target audience. A sitemap comes next after identification of the objective and it is what will guide the steps in the technical bits of the process. Compare it with an architectural drawing of a house. Using the target audience and the sitemap, one can easily navigate the next step of generating content for the website. A sitemap will show where such content is needed. The content should be organized and geared towards ensuring that it can be optimized for the search engine. The website map offers the basis of organizing webpages in a fashion that can be accessed by clients. In essence, sitemaps are meant for organizing webpages hierarchically with the order of cascading into the pages by site navigators given priority.


A wireframe becomes the next agenda in the website planning process. The wireframe can be made using a diagram maker which will culminate in the wireframe displayed as a diagram. The wireframe gives an outline of how well a site is intended to function in addition to where and how additional features in the website will appear, for instance, a blog, maps etc. Having prepared the mentioned requirements, the site is ready for construction and a basis for evaluating the outcome can be defined as the said requirements, get more here!


Companies such as Slickplan have the capabilities to provide customized website planning and building. In a summative fashion, this company provides its clients with sitemap builders, content planning, diagram makers and design mock ups. Slickplan comes with a powerful developer (API) which is customized in such a way that it leaves clients with a smile on their faces. Design mockups give their clients the chance to develop various designs to select the best. For further details regarding web design, visit